SERVPRO of Mercer County Employee Photos

female employee standing by SERVPRO green trailer

Meghan D., Marketing Representative

Meghan Durig is a Marketing Representative at SERVPRO of Mercer County! Her focus is concentrated on working with first responders- fire departments and safety services- in our local communities. 

Professionally, she is a teacher at Howland High School, and she's the Safety, Health & Wellness District Coordinator. In addition, Meghan is also an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B) and a CPR instructor with fire fighting volunteer experience as well as taking the 120 fire fighter class.

She is married to Nate Durig, a full-time fire fighter and paramedic for Howland Fire Department. They have two beautiful daughters - Hannah is 5 years old and Ava is 3 years old.    She looks forward to working together with our local first responders!