Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Bathroom mold

Does this look like your worst nightmare? It certainly was for this Mercer County home. The ceiling of this bathroom was almost completely covered in mold spore... READ MORE

Mold removal from carpet

These images were taken from a residential water loss in winter of 2016. There was significant damage throughout the lower floor of the home, as water entered i... READ MORE

Mold removal in Mercer, PA

In this home, located in the Mercer County area, a leak in the roof caused significant water damage that resulted in extensive mold growth. The mold was actuall... READ MORE

Small Mold Removal in Hermitage, PA

Mold can crop up anywhere in your home or property where moisture is present. The presence of mold can be damaging to health and wellness, and can spread to oth... READ MORE